#CovelleCoChallenge | 30 Connections in 30 Days

Here’s the deal: we all know that connections and support systems are important, we all want more genuine, incredible biz friends. And yet something always gets in the way, doesn’t it? Something comes up, something on your to-do list is more important, you get stuck writing the perfect email and just never send it, you let the little jerkface voice in your head convince you that whoever you want to hang out with won’t like you.

No more, guys. No more.


The general idea here is pretty simple. Over the next 30 days, we want you to reach out to someone:

• in your niche or area of expertise
• outside your niche
• from your hometown/state
• who lives near you
• who lives somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
• whose Instagram feed is #goals
• who makes you snort-laugh on Twitter
• who you always bump into in Facebook groups
• who’s been to a conference you’re eyeing
• who’s been in business longer than you
• who’s newer to entrepreneurship
• who inspires you when you really need it
• who has an awww-inducing furkid
• who’s doing the mompreneur juggle
• with the same first name as you
• whose business is her full-time job
• who’s side hustling
• who commented on your last post
• who has a really unique business concept
• who was featured on your favorite blog or podcast
• who shares your word of the year
• who’s also a cat/dog person
• who would be absolutely perfect for a guest post or project you have in mind
• who you feel like you know IRL but don’t
• who shares your personality type
• who has a service-based business
• who shares a non-biz hobby with you
• who sells physical products
• who wrote a blog post you loved
• who creates killer courses

#covellecochallenge, a 30-day networking challenge


Welcome to No Excuses Land! We love you so much that we’re leaving you absolutely no reason NOT to reach out to people you’d like to connect with.

The Rules:
• Shorter is better. Don’t ramble.
• Tell her why you think she’s awesome.
• Make it crazy stupid easy.

Dear super cool person you want to get to know,

Sentences 1-2: tell her how you came across her work (in a Facebook group together? Found her Instagram feed on the explore tab?) + gush a little about why you think she’s awesome. Everyone likes to hear that someone thinks they’re awesome. And if you can’t think of a reason why she’s awesome… maybe don’t reach out.

Sentences 3-4: I do/make/serve [fill in the blank]. I’d love to get to know you and learn more about what you do! If you have a specific question in mind, or some other reason you’re reaching out, you can put that instead.

Sentences 5-6: Here’s my scheduling link (if you don’t have a scheduling tool, get thee to Calendly stat) – pick any time that works best for you. If it’s easier, we can work out a time over email.

Can’t wait to chat with you!

…boom. You just made a biz friend! That didn’t hurt at all, did it?


We double dog dare you to reach out to 30 women in the next 30 days. Every time you snap a pic of your meetups and Skype dates and tag @heycovelle + #covellecochallenge (or send us a screenshot!) you’ll be entered to win some sweet flamingo-and-caffeine-themed swag.

Go forth and conquer! We can’t wait to see the connections you make. 🙌