Meet the FHICs

FHIC: noun. Flamingo Herder in Chief. One who herds flamingos.

Megan Lusher and Samantha Johnson are the co-founders of Covelle, a platform built to help female entrepreneurs in creative industries connect and collaborate.

Sam and Megan met on Instagram after individually suffering through the incredibly time-consuming, incredibly inefficient process of scouring the internet looking for creativepreneurs who meet a specific set of criteria. Just a few weeks later, while still essentially total strangers, they decided to build — and bootstrap — a better networking solution for women in online business.

Megan has a degree and many years of experience as a software engineer, both as a consultant and at startups. She left tech to pursue photography for a whole week before she met Sam. Sam has a law degree sitting in her closet and a background that spans law, journalism, event planning, real estate, blogging, and podcasting. She had literally no idea that she was going to start a tech company until she met Megan.

Photo credit: White Quill Creative

About Covelle


Co (all our favorite words start with co: connect, collaborate, community, etc.) + cove (a safe haven, a harbor) + elle (because we serve badass creative women) = Covelle.

Read more about the epic journey to find our name here.


You’re going to have a new best friend if you ask Megan about running (like really, really far), wine, or traveling, and if you bring up puppies, Pokémon, or shoes, you’re never going to get Sam to shut up. You’ve been warned!

If you have questions, suggestions, ideas, or hilarious memes, you can email Sam or email Megan any time.


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