Flock Parties: Network from Anywhere

As entrepreneurs, we put a lot of emphasis on lifestyle freedom: the freedom to work from anywhere, to set your own hours, to adapt your business to your life. That flexibility makes all the sacrifice worth it.

Why don’t we demand that same freedom in our networking options?

At Covelle, we believe in the power of face-to-face connections. We don’t believe that in-person networking events are the only way – or even the best way – to make those connections. There is absolutely no reason to be tied to the idea that “real” networking means giving up your whole evening, hiring a babysitter, driving across town, walking into a room full of people you don’t know, trading business cards and “so, what do you do”‘s, and hoping something good comes from it.

Picture this: what if you could dedicate an hour each month (or each week) to having genuine conversations with other women about topics that actually matter? If you could skip the travel time, the expense, the “putting real pants back on after work,” the inconvenience and the awkwardness, but still build authentic friendships with people who get what you’re going through – would you do it?

Networking can be convenient and meaningful; easy and effective. You deserve a networking option that meets you where you are. And that, friends, is why we invented Flock Parties.


A Flock Party is an online, small-group discussion event based on a specific theme or topic.

Here’s how it works: you check out the calendar and select a topic you’re interested in chatting about. Each party has two sessions, so you can choose the time that works best for your schedule. After you register, we use our unicorn flamingo magic to sort you into a group with 2-3 other women. You’ll receive a ticket with discussion prompts, login information, and the bios for each person in your group.

When it’s time to party, log in to Covelle and click the link in your ticket.

6 Things to Know About Flock Parties

  1. Flock Parties are real-time video chats. They aren’t recorded, and you won’t get a replay.
  2. There’s a text-chat function, too. We’d never deprive you of the opportunity to send each other links, notes, and hilarious memes.
  3. Meet more people with less pressure. Flock Parties are a great way to really get to know other women in business in a relaxed, casual environment. Our discussion prompts = more genuine conversations, less small talk.
  4. Sometimes we ask guest hosts to come up with the discussion prompts. Hosts typically don’t attend individual Flock Parties.
  5. These aren’t webinars or workshops. There is tremendous value in learning from and sharing with each other. Expect to show up and participate, not to be taught at!
  6. Your party will probably last about an hour. This is completely up to you and your group! Some Flock Parties have lasted an hour and a half or more.

What People Are Saying

“This is a great format, rather than being 1 on 1 all the time in coffee dates. Ideas get generated faster with more minds working. We talked for over an hour and a half.”

“LOVED these ladies!!! Definitely a great match today! One of them had gone through what I’m going through right now, so it was good to see someone on “the other side” – gave me hope and renewed energy to power through. I think we all brought something to share that could help the others today.”

“My matches were great! I loved getting to know them. It felt like we were all in different areas of our businesses, which helped us to give tips and feedback to each other which was awesome! I really enjoy this one!”

“I’m not an overly dramatic person… but when I joined that chat and saw a group of ladies who understood what I was going through, I nearly cried. I hadn’t realized how isolated I was feeling until that moment. They had the same struggles as me, we gave each other pep talks, and talked about the trial and error we’ve all been through. I learned a lot, and felt like I was able to pass on my own learning experiences. I would LOOOOOVE to be able to do something like this more regularly, with a support group of women to keep each other accountable/encouraged.”

“It was an awesome experience and I’ll definitely sign up for more Flock Parties in 2017! I think it’s a great concept for introverts like me that get too anxious when meeting new people.”

“I was blown away at how amazing this experience was!! We came prepared to talk about the topics and made sure each person attending had the opportunity to share. Each person freely shared their insight, experience, suggestions, and encouragement with the others! We could have chatted all day!! I’m excited to stay connected with each of these incredible women. And I’m looking forward to more Flock Parties in the future!! Thank you for creating this amazing new connection opportunity!!”

“I absolutely loved this group. We were all from different industries which sparked a lot of creative thinking. Everyone was so helpful and supportive. A lot of great ideas and insights. An amazing group of women. So happy I got to meet each of them.”

“The topic was awesome and so was the conversation! I loved connecting with such incredible and ambitious business women!”

This is a brand new networking format, and we’d love to answer any questions you have. Don’t be shy – shoot an email to hey@covelle.co and let’s chat!


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