The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

The numbers vary, but the fact remains: a lot, if not most, of small businesses fail. Most people’s ideas stay ideas, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that you are not most people.

You aren’t building a business for the hell of it. You are fighting to build a life that honors your unique passions and skills; to create a career that will support your family and impact the world. You don’t settle for “good enough”; you don’t back down from impossible. It takes incredible audacity to wake up every single day and trust that what you offer the world is unique and valuable, and we believe that your audacity deserves to succeed.

You deserve a better way to network.

“A lot, if not most, of small businesses fail. Most people’s ideas stay ideas, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that you are not most people.”

The Inherent (Possibly Unfair 😉) Advantage

When you join Covelle, you have access to a full range of features, from our searchable directory of female entrepreneurs to unlimited Skype/coffee dates to our Flock Party online networking events.

Above all else, you have instant access to other women who get it – this infuriating, exhilarating, exhausting, fulfilling journey of entrepreneurship. Every feature we build works toward connecting you with women you may otherwise have never met.

Covelle is a powerful, efficient tool, but it’s also something bigger. This is a curated community of creativepreneurs who share your drive, your struggle, and your heart for collaboration and connection. Our membership standards and application process ensure that the women who join are committed to furthering their businesses through collaboration, connection, and community.

That’s where the real magic is.

No message you send another member is ever a truly “cold” email. Our members want to be here; they signed up knowing it would require active participation and no small amount of vulnerability. These women are willing to collaborate, to grab coffee, to hop on a Skype date. They, like you, are actively seeking out real, authentic relationships and partnerships with other female business owners.

You are in this together.

Membership Criteria

To join, you must be a female entrepreneur in a creative industry with an active online presence.


  • You’re a solopreneur or the owner of a small business (usually less than 3-5 people)
  • Your business is at least 50% female-owned
  • MLM consultants do not typically qualify


  • You are a maker, content creator, freelancer, or educator
  • Traditional industries may qualify if approached in an exceptionally creative way


  • Your website is up and running (not coming soon), easy to navigate, and well-designed
  • Your website is independent of your Etsy/Society6/etc. shop
  • You have an “About Me” page
  • Potential collaborators are able to see examples of your work and content


  • Past collaborations
  • Involvement in existing communities for female entrepreneurs
  • Regularly featuring or highlighting other women in business
  • Social media engagement


We are so stoked to announce that we’re introducing Pro and Unlimited membership levels in January. This change allows us to meet you exactly where you are in your business, and gives you the option to choose the exactly level of support you need from Covelle. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be walking you through each of our features, breaking down the differences between each of our membership levels, and answering every single question you throw at us.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect at each level:


1 Flock Party ticket*
1 Collaboration listing at a time
0 Shop items
Unlimited Skype/coffee dates
Unlimited directory searches


1 Flock Party ticket/mo.*
3 Collaboration listings at a time
6 Shop items
Unlimited Skype/coffee dates
Unlimited directory searches


Unlimited Flock Parties
Unlimited Collaboration listings
Unlimited Shop items
Unlimited Skype/coffee dates
Unlimited directory searches

*Additional Flock Party tickets may be purchased individually.

If you’re committed to cultivating real relationships with other female entrepreneurs and growing your business through collaboration in 2017, Covelle is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for.


Existing users will have exclusive early access to our one-time launch bonuses. Apply for the waitlist today to be the first to take advantage of major savings that we won’t ever offer again.