Real Talk: What the Flock is Covelle?

Collaboration with other creativepreneurs obliterates the ceiling on your business’s potential- it shouldn’t happen by accident. Instead of hoping you come across the right person to partner with on a next-level project, we want to help you take charge of the search for dream collaborators. You are the entire reason why we built Covelle.

Aside from the fact that we clearly love us some alliteration and buzzwords, what exactly do we mean when we say we’re building a platform to power creative connections?

Our Favorite Features

Who are we kidding… that’d be like picking a favorite kid. They’re all our favorite, and we suspect they’ll be yours, too.

Searchable Member Directory

If we told you to go find a travel blogger who lives in Denver with a social audience of less than 5,000 people, where would you start? This is the specific problem we initially set out to solve: we believe you should be able to find exactly who you need, exactly when you need her, without wasting hours of your life scouring social media.

  • Curated community of content creators, makers, educators, and freelancers
  • Search by physical location, products/services offered, niche, social media audiences, and more

Member Profiles

We’ve asked dozens and dozens of women what they’re looking for when evaluating potential collaborators, and developed our profiles into a concise, complete overview of each member’s business, aesthetic, and values.

  • Business and social links, all in one place
  • Get to know each member through her bio and motivation statement
  • Further connection suggestions at the bottom of each profile

Collaboration Listings

We believe that it’s critical to take an active role in identifying and reaching out to potential partners, but we also believe that it never hurts to put what you’re looking for out into the universe.

  • Explain your collaboration idea
  • Provide details about who you want to work with
  • Browse posted collaborations to find unique opportunities


Our favorite holiday? That’s easy – Sam’s birthday (jklol). Small Business Saturday is the most wonderful day of the year, and we want to make it easier to shop small year round.

  • Add your products and services to our public-facing Shop
  • Support fellow entrepreneurs and gain exposure
  • Discover awesome stuff

Unlimited Skype/coffee Dates

We want you to really get to know each other – whether you live on different continents or three blocks apart. That’s why we make it easy to set up in-person coffee dates and virtual 🍷☕️🍺🍼 dates.

  • We are committed to keeping connection opportunities free at all levels of membership

Flock Parties

Our small-group, online discussion events are the perfect way to make meaningful, lasting connections with other women in business without hiring a sitter, putting on pants, or leaving your couch. Too good to be true? Nope – it’s just how we roll.

  • Select the topics that matter to you at the times that work best for you
  • We match you into a small group and provide conversation prompts + background info on each of the ladies you’ll be chatting with
  • Make genuine connections and learn from other entrepreneurs, no matter where you are in the world or in your business

Partner Communities

We are humbled to be able to support existing communities that serve female creativepreneurs by offering our functionality to their members.

  • Group leaders have access to a custom dashboard of analytics to better serve their members
  • Members benefit from extended, group-specific functionality


Existing users will have exclusive early access to our one-time bonuses when our Pro and Unlimited membership options launch in January. Fill out your application today to be the first to take advantage of major savings that we won’t ever offer again.